Chucky Calls Out DJ Bl3nd‏


Hello, DJ Bl3nd, it's Chucky, your friend till the end...

Yes, I am the killer doll from Child's Play who your dumbass fucking mask is based upon! Nice one. Highly original. By the way, I didn't choose to get my soul stuck in this piece of plastic. So why the fuck would you want to wear it out of choice? I mean, you line up the almighty masks of EDM, from Daft Punk to Deadmau5 to Mad Lib to SBTRKT... and then there is you and your ridiculous, red headed... thing. Basically, your entire aesthetic sucks.


You are a “baller DJ,” but you make YouTube videos in your fucking bedroom? What are you, 12 years old? Younger than my owner, Andy! And wait... what ARE you actually "mixing" in your bedroom? As this sounds like a finished track!


Oh, and on Facebook, your “Most Popular City” is Bangkok, Thailand. In other words, your “likes” are manufactured and bought on the cheap. Don't try to fuck with the Chuck...

DJ Blend Likes

Now I know I am not exactly Chuck fucking Nevitt, but you look like you are 4' 9”! Hey, you and Tom Cruise should do a DJ set together. Call it “The Shorty Tour.” Here is a poster I made on Photoshop. You can thank Chucky later.

The Shorty Tour

And you ain't no fucking gangsta either... but that's okay... as it's entertaining seeing you lip sync to Lil Jon. Did you make sure you did this before 8pm, so mommy and daddy didn't tell you to turn the music down?!


Bottom line, DJ Bl3nd‏, WTf...really?  You have great social media skills to make you look bigger and better than what you really are: a 4' 9" doucey DJ, who films videos in his bedroom while dressed in a craptastic mask of me. But all you got back from Chucky is this lame "calling out" article... deal with it.

Deal with it.

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