Cigarettes After Sex return confessing their true nature in the single “Cry.”

We live in a time where being too conservative makes one prudish while on the other hand, being too honest makes you crass and inappropriate leaving those who love you crying because they don’t think or see things the way you do. There is no balance, just harsh cold judgment from those opposite of you. Can’t we just be? Is it wrong if we desire to have multiple partners? Is it wrong if sex feels better than a relationship? These are things I’m sure you’ve pondered, and if you’ve felt like you don’t really belong or no one really understands, Cigarettes After Sex is here to assure you that you will leave somebody crying if you’re anything like the words sung in “Cry.”



“I need to tell you something

My heart just can't be faithful for long

swear I'll only make you cry

Maybe I'd change for you someday

But I can't help the way I feel

Wish I was good

Wish that I could give you my love now”

Frontman singer Greg Gonzalez clearly has what I would call an insatiable desire for sex. The track showcases a real emotion that some may consider disconnected and selfish. But is it really? Is it really disconnected if real feeling and thoughts are said.

Some songs give us the perspective of the one who has been heartbroken, but “Cry” serves to show us what the person on the other side is feeling and thinking.

No matter what side you’re on, the one who’s heart is being broken or the one breaking hearts, the end of a relationship is hard, someone will always be left to cry.


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