Coldplay covers Rihanna (...puke noise).


So, it's official: either Chris Martin is obsessed with Rihanna, or he's cross-promoting the hell out of her in douche-y corporate fashion. Considering that Coldplay has described Rihanna's behavior in the studio as "pretty ugly and grumpy," and they're not allowing any streaming of their album so they can make as much money from album sales as humanely possible, we're guessing it's probably the latter (corporate douche-iness).

Consider the evidence: The new Coldplay record that came out last week, "Mylo Xyloto," features Rihanna on the rather forgettable, if Top 40-sounding, track "Princess of China." Moreover, the album's second single, "Paradise," is strangely but undeniably reminiscent of Rihanna's "Umbrella" with its chorus's inane repetition of part of a word, "para," which, much like the "ella" in "umbrella," is entirely meaningless on its own.

Now, Coldplay has covered Rihanna's latest single, "We Found Love." Check out the video of Coldplay performing the R&B songstress's hit song below.

The piano-based cover actually isn't half-bad (it's certainly no worse than the original), although I think we can all agree that Chris Martin is an asshole/sellout and that his bland brand of corporate pop music is generally uninspired. That said, while we probably won't be adding to Martin's overflowing coffers by buying Coldplay songs on iTunes, we're going to get our guilty pleasure on and discreetly jam out to this admittedly catchy cover track a few times (using headphones, of course).