Curator Duffster's 8 New Fav Tracks


Today's full length compilation post of best new indie is brought to you by one of our Top Curators at BitCandy, Duffster. So let me (Glitch, the Editor of this fine rag you are reading) make an introduction. And BTW...what IS a BitCandy Curator? In Duffster's case it's submitting artists to us...if these artists aren't in our database, and we LOVE them...we credit YOU with the finds and a time stamp. If you make 5 Finds, you'll get Level 1 status...and then we'll send you $100 bucks! There're more on this here.    Anyway, Scotishman, Duffster, has done this 39 times and is always on top of the great new jams. Here are some of his picks. Take it away, Duffman.  (Artwork by Erlend Talt)


Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Vapour

Despite Tim Bettinson's bedroom project name - sleep is the last thing you'll do when you hear this lads incredible vocals. You will likely think of Justin Vernon straight away though, this could be a lost Bon Iver track for sure and Bettinson is top of my Australian artists right now, quality.


Bam Spacey - River

This is some deep shit from Swedish producer Magnus Johansson. 'River' (Tearing Down) may be sung in Swedish but I can't help going back to that dark beat of his + his Soundcloud which is packed with tasty remixes.


Digital Farm Animals - Adore You (ft. Ofie)

What a great way to open this post with one of my favourite tracks of the year so far. If this is your first listen of 'Adore You' from London's Digital Farm Animals - your ears are in for a treat, it'll literally fucken blow you away. Clearly huge influence from M83 here and that is not a bad thing, is it?


Alfred Hall - Lose That Gun

I've been following these guys for little over a year now, but ever since Sony music signed 'em, their music pretty much vanished, until lately. The Norwegian duo are putting out decent indie pop music and the debut album is well worth a listen.


Dan Croll - In/Out

It's hard not to tap your feet along with Croll's latest track. He's fast becoming a regular on my playlists and this little number is cool as F.


MTNS - Lost Track Of Time

Another new Australian band that I'd like to mention are MTNS (Mountains) - The trio have just put out this chilled electro cracker, quite the debut.


Mazzy Star - California

Do Mazzy need an introduction? Can't tell you how stoked I am about the forthcoming release of Seasons Of Your Day, due out in September, excited much.