Rising pop sensation CYN lets the spirit move her on "Holy Roller," her best single to date.

Love, obsession, and spirituality are close bedfellows. At their best, they're a sign of an appreciation of something bigger than one's self. You allow yourself to be moved, to be filled, by an external force, some greater good. It's a form of service, a willing bondage that can be very, very sweet.

It can also get downright scary, at times, when the devotion gives way to madenning obsession. All of a sudden, the loss of control doesn't seem as sweet and endearing. The lack of self comes across as more co-dependent than enlightened.

"Holy Roller" approximates the rush of a new romance with religious fanaticism, how it will keep you safe from harm like the snake handlers believe. CYN's catchy, guitar-driven indie pop sounds just as dangerous and as damaged as those cults, while still somehow maintaining the infectious innocence and excitement of youth.



Speaking about "Holy Roller," CYN says, "“‘Holy Roller’ is about sacred dedication and blind faith in someone. Although the lyrics are quite bold, I believe there is a marked adolescence present in the song. To me, the lyrics reveal the aftermath of a party from the night before but still remain serious in their declaration of a cult-like devotion. I laughed out loud plenty of times while writing this song, and though I think it has an undeniable sense of quirk, I can hear the absolute climax of a romantic feeling in the chorus melody.”

"Holy Roller" is built around a stripped down, minimal pulsing guitar and some addictive whistling. It's perfectly perfect Pop, but it's not until the chorus erupts like Easter Sunday that "Holy Roller" truly reveals its true charms. A mighty beat rings out, paired with CYN's high, clear anthemic vocals, lining up perfectly with the plucky guitar and melodic whistling. It's sublime, more than the sum of its parts, and a perfect encapsulation of why Cyn's going to be next big thing.

We Are: The Guard have already joined her cult. We suggest you do the same! Faith healing has never sounded so sweet!


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