Quarantine, an oncoming heat wave, the death of George Floyd at the hands of police brutality, protesting (peacefully and otherwise) across the nation, Zoom Graduations.Things have been rough. It’s hard to be a music blogger and attempt to talk about anything but the madness we’re all living through.

I feel it. I know you feel it too.

I’m grateful for a song about all of the things going on in the world that I’ve been feeling as of late. I was probably going to bring them up anyways, but now I have an excuse. Absolutely  unavoidable. George Floyd was killed last week and people are now protesting in every single state across the country for justice and peace. Sure, there is room for escapism and it would be easy enough to keep business going as usual, but D Smoke and SiR aren’t really letting us do that. “Let Go” is making damn sure that we iterate on our website that Black Lives definitely Matter. We must take this opportunity to uplift the voices of black artists we love. Sometimes it takes revolution through song to remind us of the revolution on our front door.



I’m definitely in no place to claim something as the anthem of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, but this one has certainly offered itself as something to FEEL deeply in a time of anger and sadness. D Smoke apparently wrote “Let Go” on the day of George Floyd’s death, bringing SIR on for a hook that lifts us up in a time that’s marred by uncertainty. It feels immediate in a way that’s got us quite excited. We can only hope that there is more music coming that speaks up in this regard.

We’re pleased to be able to cover protest music in the time of protest outside. A small contribution to the cause. May this track give people the strength they need to continue peacefully protesting. 


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