Having recently invaded our lives in a wonderful way with the single “2023,” indie-pop project Daughters of Noise! returns to devour our hearts and make us yearn for warmer days ahead with their single “Sunshine.”



Just kidding! “Sunshine” is not at all about that Summer feel or vibe. Oh heck nah gir! “Sunshine” is about what you’re fine self is strutting around. Leave your lover in the shade because there's way too much going on … like the sunshine dancing, no wait, the energy pulsating in your blood.

Daughters of Noise! Is all about you doing you, forget about gender and fi this title falls under a certain genre because “Sunshine” is an anthem. It’s a reminder to take a deep breath, stand a little bit taller, and baby… that susnhine will be all over you.

This is a song meant and directed to all of you in need of a little confidence. Ans as a woman writing abuot a duo who happens to be all female...we get you. So how about you do you and you make sure you spread them postive vibes baout yourself..because baby...you are full of sunshine and wether you know it or not you’re rays are shining.

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