Halloween is under 100 days away, and for those of you like me, who already know this, you might be the type that considers yourself more than a little bit goth. Goth Summer baby. We’re right smack dab in the middle of it, aren’t we? I live one block from the ocean, and all I can do everyday is scowl at the people just having a normal old barbeque dingdong time at the beach.

It’s important to celebrate the weirder energies that can happen during the long stretch of the summer months while traditionally everyone is just smiling and suntanning and loving their vitamin D. Whatever normal things people do when they’re not sheltering indoors protecting themselves from the elements. 

Where’s the bloodletting? The ritualistic human sacrifice? The listening to Bauhaus? What is there for those of us who only wear black and don’t particularly like having a good time?

This one goes out to all of you who are more in this camp than the latter. Summers can be for goths too. So slather on some 10K SPF and give yourself a day that’s all yours. The sun won’t hurt ya--too bad. Go test it out. See what it’s like when the normies play.



For the making of their  “Sunshine” music video, Daughters of Noise look like they’re having the time of their lives on a day out in Los Angeles. I want to have that much fun. Been too long.

Sure, they’re vampires and the sun is their mortal enemy potentially erasing them from existence, but they don’t dare let this hold them back. “Sunshine” is a total ‘fuck it.’ Throw all your cares to the world and take a stroll outside cause it’ll probably make you feel better than just suffering the hand you’ve been dealt. Sure, there might be hunters preying after your every move, but push that aside, power through the fear, and have one hell of a party with the homies.

Sure, that’s not technically advised amidst quarantine, but there’s still adventures to be had. Dress up like a vampire, pop on some sunscreen, and head out for the afternoon. Either with roommates, or a partner, or kids, whatever. Alone if you have to.

A vampire in the sunshine? Now that’s survival. If you can make it through that with a smile on your face, you can make it anything. [Full Disclosure: We know they aren’t actually vampires].

Daughters of Noise are the perfect soundtrack to Goth Summer. Won’t you let the sunshine in?

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