While Daye Jack’s new full-length No Data is full of hits, the standout to us here at We Are: The Guard is this funky groover featuring Domonique. I don't know if we should be paying attention to Daye Jack more as a rapper or as a producer. Or have we really come across someone who is the whole friggin' package? Scouring the internet, I can't tell if he produces his own songs or not, but with a Computer Science background and a very clear working of the Internet I'm leaning towards the notion that he does. It's 2017, where dropping the credits on your mix-tape is as hot as having one in the first place (thanks, Frank / Drake / Ye). I guess it doesn’t matter too much because, producer or not, dude clearly has an ear unrivaled in the scene.



I can definitely see the influence Outkast has all over this track, specifically Daye’s soul-influenced vocal hook that brings up long dormant Andre 3000 imagery. This song (and all other 11 tracks on the album) are rife with incredibly rich production that will probably make every up-coming producer quiver with jealousy. If this wasn’t designed to be a hip-hop song at its core (thanks to the spitfire flow of Domonique) I’d think it belonged coming out of the decks during a Griz or Funk Hunters show, blasting that vicious funky bass line to anybody in a thousand mile radius.

Daye Jack, keep coming back.


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