Music Corpses Coming Your Way Soon


The posthumous album. It is a concept which seriously grosses BitCandy out. Simply put, they are the products of bloodthirsty record labels, who pick at dead and thus defenceless artists for their own commercial gain. And with a mass of posthumous albums announced this month, we wondered: how much more can the music industry skin off the dead bones of fallen stars?!

This goes out to alot of the big dick music blogs who only seem to recognize someone meaningful after someone has fallen.  Or jump on someone's death for more page views.  (or maybe we're guilty too...but you know what I mean...we're pointing this shit out!). 

Check out some of the music coming to you soon from beyond the grave, below...



Blackground have confirmed that Drake will be producing a “new” Aaliyah album... despite the fact he never even met her. LeeLee's friends, Timbaland and Missy Elliott, were also rumoured to be cashing in on this crude posthumous project, but both have since denied any association with the album... thank fuck. Seriously, stop already, Drizzy.


Whitney Houston

It has been just six months since Whitney Houston died, but her label are already looking to leech off the headlines with a Greatest Hits, out this fall. Guess RCA gotta pay that rent somehow...


Amy Winehouse

We have already had one posthumous Winehouse album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures. But now we are told there are two more to come. In other words, Team Winehouse have stuck together a load more b-list scraps and covers she left behind so they can continue to live off of her legend...



This is not a posthumous album, per se, but it is still as tacky. As if Coachella wasn't creeptastic enough, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (uh, sorry, Snoop Lion) are reportedly planning on taking Pac's hologram on full-scale fucking tour! To quote Pac himself, “can't a brother get a little peace?”


Sigh. If only the above artists were as forward thinking as MCA. Maybe then their art would have been spared  this abuse at the hands of the morbid music industry. Agreed?


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