If you’re one of the poor, lonesome souls who finds themselves single in the year of 2019, you know things are in a bleak state. Dating has been outsourced to smartphones and algorithms which leads to an increase in superficiality and a communication gap wide enough to drive a semi-truck through.

There’s also a lot of unsolicited dick pics.

We were told technology would make everything better, but all it’s done is broken everyone’s brains.

And boys still suck.

If you’ve been looking for a song that mirrors the romantic and existential despair you’re feeling, Deborah's Child has got you.



What makes “Tsuname” so good is its not just an angry rant against the comically high number of shitty men in the dating pool. But it’s also a lament about the current state of the world.

“Where is the f**king good one I was promised?” our heroine asks, both about a life partner and the better future she was told as a child awaited her in adulthood.

Despite it’s dark and brooding nature, “Tsuname” is anthemic in its own way. It’s the third track we’ve heard thus far from the Los Angeles-based experimental pop artist. Expect it to be featured on her upcoming EP, about which the mysterious artist had this to say:

"The EP is a collage of all the people I’ve been—child, adult, and the weird ones in between. It’s like all those people got together over the course of a few months and tried to make something big and loud and beautiful and hopefully enjoyable."

Add us to the list of people who can’t wait to hear the rest of it.

In the meantime, we’ll be listening to “Tsuname.”


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