DENM’s single “Good Vibes” featuring gnash is a reminder that there’s always room for … good vibes. And the track came just in time because the world around us has been looking rather dull for a while. Anyone at the moment can agree with me. Am I right? Can I get an amen? Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief because when “Good Vibes” is on, there is no dark cloud in sight. As the ambassador of garage pop music DENM’s sound can only take listeners into a one way road leading to a good time.



“Good Vibes” instantly grabs a hold of you the moment you hit play. With the collaboration of rapper gnash, the single takes a carefree unforced approach that compliments DENM’s laid back mellow vibes. With a catchy hook and lyrics that leave you wanting to quit what your doing and head to the nearest beach, this playful single is absolutely necessary if you plan to make it through the week. If you need to let loose sing with me, “I feel like everybody is worried about the wrong thing. So I’mma be myself no matter what you call me. When negative energy coming around, I give it some love and turn it around.”

If you’re feeling “Good Vibes” as much as we are around here then but you’re hands together because this isn’t the only thing being released from the singer-songwriter, nope … if you’ve been prayin’ for more material from DENM your answers are here in a form of a brand new spankin’ EP Is Whatever. Stream / Download / Share here

Beca Arredondo is easily unamused with all things not related to her interests. On her good days you can catch her avoiding the California sun and glued to her Mac plotting the next big thing. If you happen to run into her on the street and notice her wearing headphones do NOT disturb her. She is not responsible for any possible damage. Aside from the above she's very sweet and perky and responds well to good music and food.