Having spent so much time in Isla Vista, it’s no surprise that the reggaeton and island vibes come naturally to DEMN. Although newcomer GDSN does a lot of the heavy lifting on “No Break,” it is unmistakenly a jam and the end result of a collaboration that needs to be more than a one-off.

The song is a hit waiting to happen and is 1000% allergic to search engines.

(Sidenote: Vowels are overrated, obvs, but at a certain point you’re just triggering trypophobia or something along those lines. Ya know?)

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t listen to reggaeton and your sole points of reference are “Welcome to Jamrock” and that Young Thug song with Popcaan, you’ll not be out of your depths here.

Things start off with some muffled beatboxing and spiting before some guitars that are chilling the most drop in to set the tone. From there the song grooves and bops along, anchored by DENM’s flawless beat and vocals.

Now as for GDSN, The internet cannot confirm this individual’s existence outside of his participation in this song, but given this performance, this will likely not be the last time you hear from GDSN. 

The trippy last half-minute is well worth sticking around for. Find out why below.


“No Break” is off  DEMN’s fantastic new Endless Summer EP, streaming on all the usual platforms now.

Maybe not TIDAL, but no one has ever heard of anyone who actually has a TIDAL subscription.




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