Disclosure showed us what their version of basecamp looked like when they dropped “Latch” on the world eight years ago (with now superstar Sam Smith, of course--though we have to wonder if we’d even be able to call them that without the brothers Lawrence at the helm). Boom, these two could start at the bottom of any kind of mountain in the world and climb that sucker faster, better, and more seemingly carefree than any other dance music act in the world.

Then they kept doing it. Holding On with Gregory Porter, defeated. White Noise featuring AlunaGeorge, unparalleled. After a while no crest seemed insurmountable. They were able to skyrocket up every single peak from Everest to K2 to Kilimanjaro (and all those in-between and back again, though those are the only famous mountains I personally have heard of) without rope, gear or carabiners. Free Solo demonstrations--and only improving over time--has us wondering why Disclosure aren’t heralded as the most important dance music act of our time.

2020 has seen a string of releases that dress to impress from them with North Face and Patagonia wear on fleek. But none are quite as impressive of a high as “My High.” 



If Aminé and slowthai aren’t household names by this point, a well-placed Disclosure feature is sure to set sights on the summit. Both rappers have their own kind of unique flow put on primo display with this release. Guy and Howard are letting these two up-and-comers shine with a big old banging breakbeat bassline keeping it all together behind them.

This track is so hot and funky, it might be single-handedly responsible for melting the snow straight to avalanche. Let’s hope all others watch out on climbing this mountain after them because the ice might just come rushing down and destroy everybody below. There’s a real danger that this one’s about to set all kinds of heat records and speed runs. Straight to the top. All while taking two of our favorite rappers along for the ride. 

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