DZ DEATHRAYZ-Bond, Kidman, Cage, Pitt in Vid


Great fan made video here by Noel Smyth?  Um, who's Noel?  Answer: Beats the hell out of me but maybe a fresh video director to keep an eye on.  Why you might ask?  Because this self made fan video of DZ Deathrays song "Gebbie St" is friggin ace.    

Here's the concept...What happens when James Bond, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis and others show up at a black tie swanky party?  I really don't know...but it makes sense with the DZ Deathrayz music pumping behind the scenes.  And hmm, is there some indication at the end that Matt Damon is sleeping with 007 James Bond?  

Really smart idea for a video.  And also a great song.  Speaking of which...wanna know some more about DZ DEATHRAYS....

Brisbane indie/thrash/punk two-piece, DZ, have changed their name to DZ DEATHRAYS. They are very much the same band, with Shane Parsons on vocals, Simon Ridley on drums and a whole lot of noise and strobes. The name change, however, comes ahead of their plans to take on the US and UK scenes in a big way in 2011, but with the uprise in dubstep music comes the clash with long standing dubstep US DJ of the same name, ‘DZ’. To escape confusion (which has already happened), our DZ boys are now DZ DEATHRAYS (spelled all in capitals)