Under normal circumstances we here at We Are: The Guard have a relatively official mode of operation for a track to receive a write up on our site. Either it’s discovered by one of our writers, editors or curators or it comes through an official PR submission. Never before have we had someone stand outside of one of our windows and scream at the top of their lungs about a song for 48 hours straight. “E-40. TELL EM ABOUT THAT NEW E-40. YOU GOTTA TELL EM.”

By no means do we condone the actions of the stranger outside my window, and hope that by caving to his demands this doesn’t lead to a number of copycat guerilla public relations firms trying to do the same. But, if it will get this stranger off my street, I am willing to try just about anything. “WILL GO IF YOU WRITE ABOUT ‘GO.’ WILL GO IF YOU WRITE ABOUT ‘GO.’”

At first I ignored it, as any sane professional would, but it started to grate on me so much that I figured why not give the track a play in my headphones to see what this guy was talking about. Maybe he was onto something... right? So I hit play, and truth be told this track straight up bumps. Out of the gate I had to concede that “Go” really did deserve a write up. Sure, I’m frayed and a bit delusional from lack of sleep, but E-40 got bars. “SEE I TOLD YOU.”

E-40’s been rapping for almost 25 years now and here he’s sounding as fresh as the day he started hitting the beat with heavy hitters like Too $hort, Lil Jon and T-Pain in the hey-day of 90s and 2000s hip hop. What’s so special about “Go” though? Sounds like E-40 is all flow and no prisoners and we’re here for that. “Go” feels like a track with something to prove, pushing the North Bay rapper out as one of the great MCs. A reminder like how dare we have forgotten. Sure, there’s a sick beat underneath, but really the rhyme is what is on the shine. E-40 is a bit of an unheralded legend and 2020 is going to be the year he gets props back. At least that’s what the guy outside my window told me to write. You happy now, man? Can I go to sleep? “SURE.”


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