Sweden's EDX follows up his biggest year ever with "Adore Me"!

To say that EDX had a bang-up year in 2019 is a massive understatement. The Italian producer ate up the charts with a staggering five #1 singles on Beatport and racking up over 100 million singles on Beatport. That's the kind of success you normally see from superstar DJs like David Guetta or Tiesto. That bodes well for the future of Maurizio Colella, and well deserved, over 20 years into the DJ/producer's career.

EDX does not disappoint with his first single of the new decade. It's a continuation of where EDX left off in 2019, with similar sturdy boom bap beats as the steady thumpin' "Neptune" with the club pop of "Off The Grid."



"Adore Me" leaves them in their neon glitter dust, though. It doesn't come out right out and sing its praises, however. EDX is known for his steady, workmanship-like craft. "Adore Me" is like a gorgeous Louise XIV armoire, low-slung kicks and throbbing bass showing off the attention to detail and EDX's artistic instincts. "Adore Me" twists and turns in unexpected ways, switching things up when you least expect it. It's a refreshing change of pace in a homogenous sea of interchangeable 4-bar house.

Talking about "Adore Me," and his epic 2019, EDX says, "2019 was an unbelievable year for me. I travelled to some truly amazing places and received some incredible feedback for my music, so I wanted to make sure I kick-started the new decade in the same fashion. I’ve been working in this industry for well over two decades now and I know how important it is to keep up momentum – consistently delivering great music for my fans is my number one priority and I’m super happy with how this new record has turned out”.

EDX is coming out swinging with "Adore Me," albeit in an understated way. EDX is over two decades into his career and just keeps getting better and better. We Are: The Guard hope he sticks around for another 20!


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