Damn, this is quite the earworm.

Normally an earworm seems like a stressful concept-- a bug that crawls into your brain and refuses to let go? No thanks. But here, “PDA” by Emily Burns is a welcome earworm, like the kind you put a vacancy sign up for, basically begging for someone to come in and rent the room on the side of your head.  Thank the music Gods that Emily Burns was the one showed up, huh? She seems like the kind of tenant that brain-bug landlords dream about. Sure, she’s screaming about her feelings a lot, but she always pays rent on time and is really nice whenever she asks for you to fix something.


This song is deeply memorable. Both in beat and vocals. Burns wails the kind feeling that we’ve all felt before. Dropping to her knees and begging for us to understand, but it’s like who hasn’t wasted their love on someone who wasn’t worth it? We feel you Emily. This song will be the soundtrack to break-ups across the globe where the listener is all the better off for ending it and well on their way back toward healing.

And then the beat-- so simple. The drums here feel so big they’re jumping out of my speakers, begging to be played on the biggest system I can possibly access.  Am I really going to drive around in my car listening to this track on repeat, crying? Maybe.

“PDA” is the titular track off of Burns’ new EP. These are four amazing pop tracks that have the power of a million earworms, nestling into every brain they touch and eventually taking over the world.

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