Erwin Olaf: Separation (Series I)

Mixing color amidst the ice-cold setting in this photograph has made Erwin Olaf's Separation more than just a controversial topic in the world of S&M.  Here, we can see a child playing in the middle of a sterile living area, reaching out to a mother whose eyes are unseen.  Erwin's interpretation of fetishism in this introverted family is nothing of the usual perversion you see on any porn sites online.  It’s almost extreme perversion.  But still art.  There's just that feeling of struggle and isolation as both tries to reach out, where one can see and one cannot.

See no evil?  Perhaps, another one of Erwin's allegorical works where his creations are bold statements on real-life issues in our society today.  What's striking is that the mother and child seem to live their normal day-to-day lives... in an abnormal way.  Dressed in black latex from head to toe, these suits are more like a mirror of the emotional prison the characters are both suffering  in. 

I guess, the floral wallpapers just made the subject a bit subtle than it really is.  On the other hand, notice how these photographs are so extremely dark.  I almost want to turn a light on to see these more clearly.  But that’s won’t help.  It’s as if there are no windows or sunshine or a single ray of light anywhere to be found figuratively and literally.  Not just in the overall context but also looking at the news announcer depicted on TV, also in latex, maybe there is a hidden meaning about society and that everyone has, or eventually has a dark secret. 

The Genius Behind the Obra:

Erwin Olaf is a master of studio photography and photojournalism, where most of his works have made it into the international art scene as early as 1988.  Fearless, he always takes the risk and venture into daring, provocative and often controversial subjects in his creative works.  He also explored creative works in films.  Since the early 80's, he lives and works in Amsterdam.

Awards:    2008 – Lucie Awards, Advertising
        2006 – International Color Aawrds, First Place
        2005 – Photography Annual Award for Hairdresser's ( Rain Series )
        2004 – AOP, Silver Award
        2003 – Paradise The Club, AOP
        2003 – Grote Paul
        2003 – Nicorette Advertising - Gold
        2001 & 1999 – Silver Lion, Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival
        1998 – Young European Photographers, First Prize