Because we need more music that shows the kindness of humans and the good we can bring if we just give a tiny bit of ourselves, soul singer Eryn Allen Kane is out with her highly anticipated album a tree planted by water. Her project that took years in the making is a dedication to all the women who helped shape her as a person - she’s thanking them with melodies that are as sweet as honey.

As part of Kane’s album, “With You” is here to help all of us, not just the women this album was dedicated to, through the journey of “life.” Her raw voice wraps itself in the lyrics making them feel like a personal letter addressed to you.

It’s a purposeful message making its way through the soul empowering listeners with its blanket of love. Listen below and remember to not only thank everyone who’s helped you but to also pay it forward. 


Favorite lyrics:

“Whenever you're lonely

Don't be scared to call me

And I'll be by your side

When you're feeling lonely I can help ya

I won't forget to tell ya

Just how much I love ya

I'll never leave your side

I'll be with you...”


Beca Arredondo is easily unamused with all things not related to her interests. On her good days you can catch her avoiding the California sun and glued to her Mac plotting the next big thing. If you happen to run into her on the street and notice her wearing headphones do NOT disturb her. She is not responsible for any possible damage. Aside from the above she's very sweet and perky and responds well to good music and food.