If you like dark electronic pop, then you need to know TR/ST.

When singer song-writer Robert Alfons’ music came into our lives back in 2012 we were fascinated by his goth like tones and assumed he would be the next hipster pin up. Since then his career has been molded—he’s broken free of restrictions and has embraced a wider range of sound that has catapulted him into a new level as an artist. TR/ST is somewhat of a industrial - pop bootstrapper; he’s pushed himself into a realm that is distinctively his own. Here’s a taste of his latest single, “Bicep.”



With a hot new track, successful performances at FYFE, and two more anticipated shows in October, there are no signs of his career slowing down. Thankfully though, he did make room in his schedule to answer a few of our questions.

WATG: What does your music stand for or is all about?

TR/ST: My music is about crying on the dancefloor

WATG: How does a typical morning get started in the world of TR/ST?  What’s a typical routine? 

TR/ST: I like to get out into the world and nature first thing. Walk around my neighbourhood or work in my garden, it helps set things straight for the day

WATG: Who's one artist you love that needs more attention right now?

TR/ST: I am really loving the photos of Eva O'Leary, the paintings of Darby Milbrath, and just discovered this incredible band called Police Des Moeurs.

WATG: What's an unbelievable “under the radar” movie you saw that you think no one has seen or that deserves more attention or that incredibly moved you / changed your life?

TR/ST: My favourite movies are Erin Brockovich, Austin Powers and Truth or Dare... I just watch those three.

WATG: Can you tell us about a life changing moment or piece of advice or book that changed your life forever? 

TR/ST: All of Anne Carson's writing... specifically Autobiography of Red. I have annually re-read and it brings me back to life every time.

spotify WATG: Name a person in history that you’d like to date and why?

TR/ST: Andrew VanWyngarden 2008 - great forearms

WATG: What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?  

TR/ST: “Some things that are expensive, are worse.” - Freckle

WATG: If you weren’t doing music, what would be a profession or career that you would be excited about? 

TR/ST: I would probably work for the environment in some capacity, or consumer advocacy, or just helping and working with people and animals who might be more marginalized in our society.

WATG: If you could go back to your first show what would you tell yourself?

TR/ST: What would I tell myself at my first show if I could? I remember that first show so vividly actually and I was so grateful because so many loved ones were in attendance, but I probably would've told myself to be true and go commit as a performer. I think it took me many years to comfortably get to that point.

WATG: What’s been the most embarrassing stage moment?

TR/ST: On multiple occasions I've had the entire lighting system stop working, or the instruments cut out, or we blew the power to the entire venue, or I've dropped my mic off the stage... seems like I'm prepared for anything at this point.

Upcoming performances:
10/20 Cloak & Dagger Festival in Los Angeles
10/28 Halloween Ball, Denver Co @ Bar standard

Thank you, Robert Alfons, for your time.

For more on the artist, visit his SoundCloud page.

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