As Los Angeles residents steadily bake in what meteorologists are calling a record-breaking heatwave, We Are: The Guard returns to refresh its listeners with the latest edition of Best Chill Music. For those of you currently perspiring in places that you never realized that you could perspire, we hope that this playlist helps to bring your temperature down to such a level that you're able to head into the weekend in relative comfort, not to mention with relative dignity (let's be honest, readers, a moist crotch isn't the most forgiving aesthetic). Just grab your headphones and prepare to take the edge off those overactive sudoriferous glands of yours by pressing play on the following songs courtesy of Rhye, Hero Fisher, Lewis Capaldi, Kacy Hill, DYLYN, and five other favorites.



Four years after the release of their their pillowy soft debut album Woman, Los Angeles R&B duo Rhye – comprising of singer-songwriter Michael Milosh and multi-instrumentalist Robin Hannibal – return this 2017 with “Please.” An aching piano ballad that sets Michael's silken falsetto coo atop plush beats, it comes paired with a dimly lit video that very much brings the intimate lyrics (“Oh, baby please/Oh, my heart's on the pavement/Where we're building you and me/Don't cry that way”) to life through contemporary dance.



Emerging from the coven comes Hero Fisher, a French-born, British-based artist who beguiles the blogosphere with her latest single “Sylvie.” Featured on her forthcoming second album Glue Moon, the song is an eerie, cinematic gothic masterpiece packed full of atmosphere. Combining ambitious orchestral arrangements with a haunting, dramatic vocal performance, “Sylvie” comes accompanied by a handheld video inspired by the horror movie classic The Blair Witch Project. For fans of: Chelsea Wolfe, Zola Jesus.



It's no secret that we're big fans of the effortlessly cool Tom Misch here at We Are: The Guard, and we're pleased to announce that the London musician delivers the goods once again with his funky latest offering. “South of the River” is yet another dexterously orchestrated number from the classically trained singer-songwriter and producer. A symphonic groove that features the 21-year-old crooning atop disco violins and smooth handclaps, before giving way to a jazz fusion synth solo (no, really), dare we say that this is the finest addition to Tom's oeuvre to date?




There's very little that we can tell you about Paratone, but it doesn't matter, for the enigmatic outfit's debut single “Far Away From Home” speaks direct to the soul. Released through Diamond, “Far Away From Home” is the type of song that hums serenity through all of those who choose to get lost in it. Centered around blissfully cascading beats, gently rippling, deep house-style guitars, and the tranquil vocals of Norwegian artist Katrine Stenbekk – chopped and looped to perfection by Paratone – “Far Away From Home” is a much-needed piece of escapism that truly does transport you to an entirely different realm.



Anfa Rose delves into his psyche on his vulnerable latest offering. Coming soon after another refreshingly fragile moment in hip hop, JAY-Z's 4:44, “Myself” hears Anfa turning his lyrical attention entirely on confronting his demons, with JOY. and DOPAM!NE providing the Sydney rapper with an understated, piano-driven instrumental, over which he's able to reflect on his numerous strengths and weaknesses by way of deeply exposing bars such as: “The only thing in the way is myself/And today I got paid to make ways off of hating myself/Say the things I won't say but I feel I'm afraid of myself/That's why I can't lay with the bae I'm in the way of myself/I gotta lay claim to myself.”



Bien continue to blend organic and synthetic textures on the first single to be shared since the release of their self-titled debut EP in 2016. With majestic synths and grandiose strings coming together to form a canvas over which Bien are able to paint their charming vocal harmonies, “Spinning on Blue” is yet another sweeping piece of dream pop splendour from this Nashville trio. Bien: “There's so much going on in the world right now, and we really wanted to write something that encouraged people to remember we're all sharing this planet. It's our kind of 'seize the day' song that reminds us to take in the beauty and wonder of the world and the people around us.”



Hailing from Glasgow, Lewis Capaldi makes quite the entrance this month with his debut single “Bruises.” With softened piano keys backing Lewis as he explores his formidably throaty vocals and compelling storytelling prowess, it's an unassuming albeit gripping introduction to the Scottish singer-songwriter that's already been co-signed by Ellie Goulding. Lewis: “At times your memory of an old relationship will be clouded and you'll only seem to remember the best parts of being with someone. Completely ignoring the reasons why things came to an end makes the idea of holding on to it or wanting to go back to it seem more enticing than it actually is.”



One month after releasing “Keep Me Sane,” GOOD Music protégé Kacy Hill returns to our pages this July with “Cruel,” the latest single to be shared from Like a Woman, her debut album as executive produced by Kanye West. From the classic piano keys to the speaker-rattling beats, it's true that Kanye's presence is felt throughout the song. It's Kacy's inimitable vocals, however, that are the real star of “Cruel,” with her vulnerable falsetto coo giving life to her lament about having too open a heart (“My love is cruel/Always pulling me too deep/Selfish and rude/Never thinks of what I need/I keep falling every first sight/'Cause my love is cruel/Always pulling me too deep.”).



Having arrived on the blogopshere in May with their debut offering “Dirty Linen Sheets,” Tape Machines continue their meteoric rise this month with a song that makes for perfect beachside listening during this historic heatwave. Featuring Loidimo on guest vocal duties, “Never Gonna Say Goodbye” is yet another expertly produced summer anthem from the enigmatic Stockholm duo. Pairing tropical synth vibes with the soulful croon of Loidimo, and finished off by a festival-ready drop in the chorus, consider it further proof that Tape Machines are the next big thing in dance music.



spotifyDYLYN drowns her sorrows in a cocktail composed of equal parts champagne and citrus on the powerful acoustic version of her hit single, “Mimosa.” Rearranged as a piano ballad, it soon becomes clear that there's more to “Mimosa” than the juiced up electronic pop original suggested, with DYLYN'S voice cracking with emotion as she sings of a harrowing conflict taking place in the deep recesses of her mind. DYLYN: “I decided to do a stripped down version of 'Mimosa.' The song makes you feel like dancing around and having a good time but in truth it's about anxiety and battling the inner thoughts in your head.”


Enjoy your weekend, readers. x

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