Sorry Beyonce, but you’re not the only one that has something to celebrate this week because we are back once again with a new list of the hottest indie pop songs. These aren’t just any songs, these are the ones that managed to have more than simple one liners. You won’t find them on the radio, but the artists presented today show us their best as they dominate the genre and give us all something to talk about, or in this case something to sing along to. Get your fingers ready, you’ll be wanting to hit the replay on more than just one track.



In most cases, people who wear face masks have something to hide, think superheros. Did i just compare the New York MC to a superhero? Why yes I did. It’s been yeeeeeeeeeeerz since we’ve had a female rapper represent a genre in an original and captivating manner. Sure we have the return of Missy Elliot and the birth of Azealia Banks, but not many to pick and choose from. Fans, be on the look out for her soon to drop debut album, Wash & Set.



Here’s a buzzworthy track to get you bouncing. Right from the start, Rozes’ vocals pull you into the bubble gum realm that we here at We Are: The Guard love so much. “Girls On Boys” is the closest thing to perfection we can get when it comes to collaborations. Galantis with the knack of producing pristine beats and Rozes with her honey like voice, umm hello, it can’t get any better.



You ready for something a bit off the usual sound? Of course you are. Well here to completely throw you off is Mr. Probz and Anderson .Paak offering a taste of the laid back side of the blend between hip-hop and EDM. “Gone” is the mindset of literally just letting go of the day’s worries and kicking it. This is truly a special listen, the bonus is the trippy video that only makes you wish you were floating around in the clouds with these two great artists.




With Hollywood producing a load of dump, music video productions seem to be upping their game. Take for instance the official visual for London Grammar’s single, “Non Believer.” The story line has viewers hooked! We‘re all feeling a sense of paranoia. What will become of Karelle Tremblay (the main character of the video)? Well, watch to the end and get your hands or ears on the British trio’s sophomore album, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing.



Collectives bring the best of the best together. The latest boyband destined to take the place of One Direction is Brockhampton. They are coming in with full force by setting a high expectation with the release of their second album this year, Saturation II, and a third already in the works. If this is your first taste of the band you’ll be sure to enjoy and become an instant fan as you watch the boys do what they do in their video “Sweet.”



YASSS! Another masterpiece from Norwegian duo Lemaitre. In their latest banger, “Higher,” the two enlist Maty Noyes, who we all know always brings her a-game when it comes to vocals. It’s only a matter of time before we hear this everywhere. To help spread the word all you have to do is give it a listen and share it with everyone because the amount of crap music is too damn high.



This is nothing close to “Pumping Blood” but it will get you moving. The Swedish trio who was on everyone’s commercial three years ago is back with a sound that in essence is a “Masterpiece.” Nonono has seemed to mature and embrace life in a new matter. In their own words, this is what they opened up about the meaning behind their latest single, “It’s about socially constructed reality and how a subjective thought or idea turns into an objective truth if enough people gets contained by it. It could be a hype, a trend, a brand and really the whole society we live in is built and formed by our, from the beginning, subjective ideas. I think the line between subjective and objective truth is very fascinating and wanted to explore it. If someone ever claims 'Masterpiece' to be a Masterpiece it will be a very ironic victory!"



So yeah, it seems we may have a soft spot for the duo Tennyson, but for very good reasons, perhaps the same reasons that Skrillex had when he took notice and signed them to his label. The beauty in a song isn’t in how many drops you can squeeze into a two minute frame or how many digs you throw at people in your lyrics, it’s about how it makes you feel, and this track makes me feel good, so enough said. For more of their sound be sure to check out their upcoming EP, Uh Oh, releasing September 28th.



When it comes to listening to covers we have our work cut out and only a few are true standouts as in the case of Jo&Me, who sound nothing like Drake & Rihanna, but give it new life. It’s intimate, sensual, raw and the perfect track to woo that special someone. I wouldn’t be surprised if you named your next baby child Jo&Me.



soundcloud It’s been a hot minute since we last featured anything by Canadian producer Chet Porter, so when we came across his remix of Louis The Child’s “Love Is Alive,” we turned into a school girl. We shrieked and cried and laughed and danced. Yes it was an awful sight, but you will empathic to our bipolar emotions when you hit play on the remix above.

Photo by Ilya Yakover is licensed under CC0.

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