One time I was at Hard Summer and I followed a kid around because he was all TWONKed out. Head to toe in TWONK team gear. I didn’t know what TWONK was at the time but I decided to stalk him anyways because his fashion sense was so fascinating. Nothing really interesting came out of this and I eventually got distracted and started following a group of kids dressed like dinosaurs instead. All I remember is taking note to ‘remember TWONK.’ Now here I am, fast-forward a couple of years, only to be presented with this killer new banger from Watgood on that very same TWONK label. We’re coming full circle here people.



soundcloud Ahh Hard Summer, the hypest of all festivals. And what is more hype than this new track from Scottish Trap Lord Watgood? "Textures" is HYPE with a capital H (screw that, ALL CAPS). The kind of hype that college freshman dream of when throwing their first fraternity rave. “Let’s hope everyone blacks out and barely remembers all the missed transitions.” Old school dubstep vibes on this wonky trap wobble. Put this one on in the middle of a trap set and you might just burn the roof off the place. Be careful and don’t give yourself heatstroke listening to this one. Make sure you’re sitting down and have a full glass of water. Know what’s good for you. Get it, watgood.

Watgood has tracks out on Buygore and Mad Decent as well as spirited. and Good Enuff (“Mad Decent’s Little Cousin”). As all the hyphy labels take notice, shouldn’t you?

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