There’s lots to love in up-and-coming Scandinavian pop sensation Elsa’s “Nobody Likes You”!



It’s safe to say ScandiPop is enjoying a moment, thanks to big name artists like Zara Larsson getting big and gobbling up spots on so many of this summer’s playlists and mixtapes. ScandiPop is the perfect summer soundtrack - bright and bold as the midday sun, yet breezy and relaxing enough to take the edge off, helping you to forget the trickling sweat and stinging insects of June, July, and August.

Sweden’s Elsa returns with a brand new banger just in time for the peak of summer. Elsa earned a lot of rave reviews and attention with last year’s “Skintight,” and that devotion is about to triple, if we here at We Are: The Guard are correct in our predictions, with Elsa’s primary-colored pop being tinged with a bit of mellow alt-R&B that should appeal to the Beyonce and Solange lovers out there.

Too much future pop/futurebeat music sounds entirely brittle and plastic, like it could cut you if you rub up against it the wrong way. Elsa smoothes those harsh digital edges with just the right amount of soft-focus blur, giving a retro romantic edge, like Polaroids of an old flame.

“Nobody Likes You” has already been racking up thousands of plays on SoundCloud, and been included on numerous tastemaking playlists, like Spotify’s HipTronix mix. Hopefully, it will turn countless new heads on to Elsa, and the glories of ScandiPop. Just remember, you heard Elsa here first, at We Are: The Guard!

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