Sure, the cereal bowl cover art may be intentionally misleading, but Flo Milli’s “Eat it Up” is clearly about one thing and one thing only: cunnilingus. So watch out DJ Khaled with your King shit, because shots have been fired from the Flo Milli camp on this one. So, while we can all enjoy this song and it’s sexual innuendos--that are less innuendo and more blatant-as-all-helldos-- as the pure unadulterated blast that it is, Mr. ‘Another One’ himself must suffer in silence of having been very publicly shamed for not going down on his wife.

Now that it’s just us and DJ Khaled is nowhere to be found, give this track a spin or seven. Play it loud on headphones and bop around your apartment to this beat. She sure seems like she’s having a blast, so why can’t we? Flo Milli spits pure hot fire here, with no shame and not a single prisoner left standing. This is a full on attack of the raucous ‘Flo Milli shit’ we’ve come to appreciate from the up and coming rapper.

Since she’s not holding anything back, neither are we: if this doesn’t make you appreciate the fine art of pussy eating, then we don’t know what will.



What we’ve got here is a rapper speaking her mind, being honest in a time where everybody skirts around the things they really care about. Who cares if this isn’t going to get radio play. WTF even is a radio? To all my people not afraid of getting down and dirty, this one’s for you.

I’m thinking I might hop on Ableton and throw together a quick little “(Unofficial DJ Khaled Edit)” of “Eat it Up.” Flo Milli’s anthem about getting her rocks off her way really needs an ironically placed “DJ KHALLLEDDD” at the top to set the moment right. We’ll see how this release pans out for the young Alabama rapper. Either she’ll be featured prominently on Khaled’s next track or she’ll just blow up on her own right. Either way, we at We Are: The Guard will be here for it.


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