Best New Track: Fort Romeau - Stay True


I always thought instrumental music was for weird stoners who are just too high to handle lyrics. I guess I wasn’t wrong as today’s Best New Track has got me on an overdrive loop at 4 AM that I never want to end. Is it the 80s? Am I Knight Rider? Where’s KITT? I’m going to need a trusty sidekick to see me through this one. But enough with the dramatics! Let’s get to it!

Fort Romeau is a house master from London, obviously! And he’s been blowing things up all year long, but what everyone is really excited about his forthcoming EP Stay/True which will be out in September and you guessed it, this is the title-track.

If you’re like your beats mastered to perfection with a ton of originality and their very own enchanting flare, I bet you’re just about crying with enthusiasm to this track. There’s something very focused and precise about music that has no video, no lyrics, nothing to really hold onto except for the beat. It allows you to rise up with the sounds, to get caught in the moment and to appreciate a good thing before it’s gone. It’s also great for those late-night benders when you’re at your most unflattering and all you want to do is embrace that.

I can see this track being used in a million different ways, not just in the clubs. I can see it as a soundtrack in the next big indie flick, I can see it in a very intense advert for cars of something but mostly, I can see you loading it to your music device and forgetting to stop listening to it all weekend long.

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And here’s where you can get all the details on Fort Romeau if he’s your new favourite person.