Free Stream: Ultraísta (Radiohead's Producer)


The so-called “sixth Radiohead,” producer, engineer and full time fucking GENIUS, Nigel Godrich, has unveiled a brand new experimental project called Ultraísta, alongside the vocalist, Laura Bettinson and sticksman, Joey Waronker.

The trio's self-titled debut album is currently streaming for FREE (yes, FREE!) over at SoundCloud, so go dig on it already! Look, THOM'S DIGGING:

So let's break Ultraísta down for you...

Metaphysical, stylish vocals, courtesy of Bettison? Check.

Precise, kraut-inflected beats, courtesy of Waronker?! Check.

Elaborate, disconcerting song arrangements, courtesy of Godrich?! Check.

The greatest fucking electro-afrobeat goulash of the year?! Check, check, CHECK!

Hey, this is no Kid A. So don't go peeing those Radiohead-branded pants just yet! But Ultraísta IS a luscious, entrancing and plain inspiring piece of work, perfectomondo for post-midnight (whatever it is you dirty hipsters get up to at that time of night).

If you want a jump-start, our five favorite songs from Ultraísta are:

“Bad Insect”
“Gold Dayzz”
“You're Out”

Actually, fuck it – we recommend the whole thing, bro!

So click on over to SoundCloud to hear Ultraísta in its tasty entirety (we would embed the album, but it is link only...bastards).

Meanwhile, check out the eye candy for "Our Song," below:


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