Free Download Video Games (Balam Acab Remix)


This time last week, Lana Del Rey made her live TV debut on the UK's coveted 'Later With Jools Holland.' You can check out Lizzie's endearingly nervous/embarrassingly awful performance of 'Video Games' here.

(Seriously - just take the top two comments of that video to see how much this girl is polarizing music fans. While DexterStrangeway claims Lana "is the siren leading me to my doom, I am immobilised, this is all so poignantly beautiful I want to die," Zeb2015, labels Del Rey a "failed singer, rebranded with extra lips" in his equally 'liked' comment.)

Since the performance aired, Balam Acab has taken the (admittedly rather shaky off) vocals and integrated them into a remix which BitCandy thinks is pretty pretty -- download it below...

Lana Del Rey, "Video Games" (BALAM ACAB Remix) MP3 by The FADER