Friendy Fires - Can Write 2 Good Songs


Am I being overly negative?  Am I jaded?  First i hate the new Danger Mouse album and now here comes Friendly Fires (due for release May 16th in UK and May 24th in the US).

You can catch the entire preview of 'Pala' the new album here!/search/Friendly+Fires compliments of Hype Machine.

But I'm going to save you the trouble.  Just check out these 2 songs...they are the 1st and 2nd songs on the album.  As an analogy...much like Chrstina Aguilera will give you one attempted hit but then an full album full of junk...that's about what we got here.  

These 2 songs though are indeed pretty sweet, and as the 1st 2 songs off the new album, that's really all you got to listen can save the other 30 minutes of listening and make some mashed potatoes or something.   

"Live Those Days Tonight"  - Friendly Fires

"Blue Cassette" - Friendly Fires

Except for those 2 songs I didn't find the album two friendly.  In fact, my IPod just divorced me. 


- G L I T C H -