As the summer lurches to a close, we're all in need of cool songs like Gallant "Manhattan."

The 22 year old singer has long been a favorite of ours here at Bitcandy for awhile now, with that whole Whiteboy-The-Weekend thing he's got going on. "Manhattan" is a soulful jam which is centered around Gallant's pristine vocals. Felix Snow assisted on the production of this cut, masterfully blending the heavily-reverbed guitars and sparse handclaps that make up the percussions. This bit of shoegaze R&B plays to nostalgia, with lyrics about vcrs, tape decks, and super 8 film. It's sure to evoke something from you, so give it a listen below:



Gallant "Manhattan" is available for free download on the above widget. "Manhattan" is off the Zebra EP which Gallant put out himself this spring. Pick it up here.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy, we'll leave you with the lyrics for Gallant "Manhattan":

brainwaves living in stills
nightmares just floating on film
you found it in the white lies in the back of your mind
and you know it's not the same reel that you dusted off before

so slide it in a tape deck
put it in a vcr
show me how you got in this predicament
did the devil let you down?
I could tell you it's the apex
I could tell you it's the Al Hamra
take another shot of your adrenaline
and pray you get that far

sharp turns covered in skin
I bet the black gates just letting you in
you want another sure thing, a super 8 dream
but you know this aint a classic or one you've ever seen before

[it came on paddle boats
upon arrival we tried so hard to flee
it followed]

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