Is Orck the new Oi? ‘Cause Gesaffelstein just brought techno and punk together in a way that hasn’t been touched since Steve Aoki put Refused’s “New Noise” as the opening track to his Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles debut album over 12 years ago (and then went on to remix the track with The Bloody Beetroots-- check it). The worlds of punk and dance music have overlapped significantly over the years, but it’s been a quiet last couple as the groove took precedence over manic energy.

It looks like that’s all about to change the release of Gesaffelstein’s Novo Sonic System EP.

Many complained that the producer Mike Lévy had maybe lost his touch after the artist’s return album Hyperion, which saw (underwhelming?) collaborations between him and The Weeknd and Haim. 

Had the dark prince of techno gone full-on pop?  Nah, “Orck” sees to that quite nicely.

This is rage music. Full-on smash a beer bottle over your head and tell your mate you love him while you both piss and spit on the floor and curse capitalism. This is dirty punk music for small venues, but from sequencers and synthesizers. YEAH!



“Orck” is a punk rock party, rip-roaring guitar style synths that don’t quite sound like they’re not coming from guitars if you close your eyes and picture them thusly. This is headbanging music for the new generation. This is EDM punk rock through and through. Oi Oi Oi.  Breakbeat drums, speedcore tempos, and a deeply memorable rhythm line.

Gesaffelstein’s got a much cleaner style, but I can see the artist’s classic three-piece suit making way for a studded leather jacket, either way, chain-smoking vitriol in the back corner. Let’s hope this track gets yall as hyphy as its getting me. We need a new generation of young kids starting the riot where the Clash left off.  May Gesaffelstein lead the pissed off new charge.


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