Getting to Know: Nervo


"They sing; they make people dance; they were born outstandingly beautiful, future fashion icons. They are on everyone who knows lips," begins the most conceited Facebook biography of all time, courtesy of upcoming dance twin sister duo, Nervo.

Still, these two Australian "former models" just about get away with their overwhelming arrogance since their sassy electronica is proving pretty damn hooky. In fact, the Nervo duo are a shockingly talented pop song writing team. Remember that David Guetta/Kelly Rowland track, "When Love Takes Over?" These two chicks actually wrote that number, alongside a bunch of other top hits for the likes Pussycat Dolls, Ke$ha, Kylie Minogue and more.

Now Mim and Liv Nervo have decided to tackle becoming the artists themselves, having recently landed a deal with Virgin Records in the United States. They certainly have the bravado, but do they have the beats? You decide, check out their first official single, "We're All No One," below.