Getting To Know: SHORE

I have to be honest...I can't tell you a whole heck of alot about SHORE.  Like where he went to high school and what he likes to do on Friday nights (probably making beats if i were to guess).  What I can tell you is that we really like his stuff and we would have never known about it if it wasn't for Chibibomb who just got Curator status with this find. 
SHORE is best described as lo fi ambient meets hip hop with a dose of nice space aliens (???) meets some beautiful music you might like to hear in the 3 a.m. type hours of the night.  For fans (I think) of RJD2 or just if you like cool beats and vibes! 
Here's a couple tastes of SHORE's music.  Definitely check out the bandpage so you can buy or download more for free simply by giving your email.


"Winds" - SHORE


"Dust It Off (Remix)" - SHORE


And this video is quite simply fantastic in it's own weird artistic way (only 75 views total so far so grab it before the 100th!).