Getting to Know : The Deer Tracks


We're big fans of Sweden. It was only last week we introduced Stockholm-based electro-pop duo, Icona Pop, to your precious, precious eardrums. Today we're taking a trip back to the Land of the Midnight Sun to meet The Deer Tracks.

A duo, and from Sweden. Two favourable elements when it comes to making blissful electro pop. And The Deer Tracks have both bases covered. Made up of David Lehnberg & Elin Lindfors, the pair hail from the town of Gävle, the oldest city in historical Norrland.

Magically webbing minimalist, twinkling synths with their sweetly-shrill vocals, The Deer Tracks tend to land themselves in epic crescendos of cuteness, something European exports seem to do so damn well (I am looking at you, Mew).

Check out some of these misty, supernatural concoctions of sounds -- all of which bring to mind snowy landscapes and Northern Lights -- below.

The Deer Tracks - Hypertufa by Zeugolator

The Deer Tracks - The Smallest Cube Master by

The Deer Tracks - BooksOfBlood Master by