If the world was made up of only one artist, and that artist was Ginger Root, I don’t think the people would mind. Sure, there would be an adjustment period. Everyone would cry for their favorite artist lost-- Arianna and Tool and Frank Ocean all having disappeared-- but then they’d have to look on the bright side: so, what do we have left?

In this fictional dystopian state, Ginger Root is somehow all that remains. A blending of funky lo-fi pop and jangly disco-tinged indie rock. Hooboy that’s a lethal combo right there. Like, sad fun. It would have even the haters grooving after a couple of listens. “Well, it’s catchy,” they’d all be saying to themselves after enough plays. “It’s got a nice groove to it and it’s a lot of fun to listen to.” And then someone else would chime in: “but he seems kind of forlorn too, doesn’t he?” That’s what would cinch it. 

Ginger Root rides the line between popped-out bliss and numbing the pain so you can forget. Now that’s a juggling act right there. That’s the kind of artist we treasure.



“B4” reminds us of a Toro y Moi cut before he was lost to the great and tragic musical artist disappearance of 2020. Thankfully Ginger Root sounds different enough from Chaz so that all the moi-heads don’t hold a grudge against him. Chillwave lounge vibes for the new generation. I mean, how could you hold a grudge against a song this goddamn excellent? Too much to enjoy!

If you’re based in LA, why don’t you come out and meet up with us at Ginger Root’s show at the Echoplex on December 19th? It’s not like an official We Are: The Guard holiday party or anything, but it might as well be...


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