When one of our nation’s strangest steps to the mic, we always know it’s going to be something  special. Grimes-- the real life equivalent of the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’-- has been weird pop’s golden child since she burst onto the scene with the 1,2 punch of singles “Oblivion” and “Genesis” from 2012’s Visions. After that, we were rewarded with her 2015 masterpiece, Art Angels, and disappointed with relative (musical) silence since.

But time has been kind to Claire Boucher.  2019 will prove to bring the release of her 5th LP, Miss Anthropocene. Today, we are pleased to be listening to the third single, “Violence,” a collaboration with progressive bass producer I_o (don’t you dare call him techno--at least that’s what I’ve been instructed by others on the internet). Her voice shines just as it did when it first fluttered through our speakers and headphones, but now she’s backed by one of the biggest up and coming producers in the game.



And special it is, no?  This blending of genres is unlike anything Grimes has touched before, pulling a freshness to her sound that started off as fresh could ever be. Her faded, muted crooning is on full display, but with the confidence of another artist behind her. I_o utilizes progressive builds and bass wobble to highlight her vocals, but also push forward a new direction for the superstar. This is catchy, ethereal and spacey all in the same breath. Many have suspected both Grimes and I_o to really be from another world. Maybe “VIOLENCE” is just the last nail in the spaceship and these two are about to shoot off to their home planet.

Here is a song that’s just as ready for the techno rave as it is for the Grimes solo show.  Just hope it gets played here on Earth too.


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