Blue Daisy's Insane New Track, "Raindance"


Check out this awesome slice of, well, hang on, I'm not sure. I want to say dubstep, I want to say house, I want to say electronica, I want to say dance, but then I also just want to say, sheer lunacy. Honestly, "Raindance" is so otherworldly, it's very hard to pin down, and really, we shouldn't try to.

This murky albeit mammoth track is the first to be unveiled from London producer, Blue Daisy's upcoming debut LP, "The Sunday Gift." Tribal drums unite with dial-up sonics while jagged synths are plummeted by deep throbbing basslines -- yeh, this is one hell of a sinister trip. Check it out below.

Blue Daisy - Raindance by Black Acre Records