Break out your Christmas sweater, get those balls jingling and be prepared to change your Yuletide playlist permanently ‘cause We Are: The Guard’s Indie Christmas is coming to town, and it’s all yours now, available on all digital service providers here: https://WeAreTheGuard.lnk.to/indiechristmas. Yes, indeed, we reached out to our favorite indie and indie pop artists from Jamie Lidell, Cappa, DENM, Brandyn Burnette, JMR and more…and commissioned 12 new covers of the classics! 

Look, we want nothing more than for you to have the Hap-Hap-Happiest of Holidays so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to release the catchiest compilation of Christmas classic indie covers since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye. We Are: The Guard’s Indie Christmas has got all your favorite songs reimagined by top tier indie talent, so fresh they’ll feel like you’ve never heard them before. Even Grandpa will be tapping his toes to these tunes.

Looking for music to drown out your family? Look no further! Want to upgrade your caroling repertoire now that you’re off at college and can’t afford to go home for the holidays? Check this shit out! Work in a hip retail store that usually plays Christmas music but help me God if I hear Frank Sinatra one more fucking time I’m gonna burn this place to the ground? Got you fam.

May we present to you We Are: The Guard’s Indie Christmas Vol. 1 2017 Holiday Wonderful Edition Preview…

While We Are: The Guard will release Indie Christmas in its entirety on November 15, DENM’s version of “The Christmas Song” drops one week earlier on November 8th to get you in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving is even on your radar. The California garage-pop up and comer tells us, “I wanted to do a classic holiday song but not one that’s been sung a thousand different times, I went with those synth pop vibes to give it a fresh feel.” And fresh it is. Nothing like that waking up on Christmas morning with a hungover and a bit of vomit crusted on your Santa hat feeling. Actually on second thought, that doesn’t sound so bad… who’s got my spiked nog?

Cappa and her indie-pop future bass sound turns Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” into a version “that other people, including myself, could sing along to.” You go Cappa. Shout it out loud this holiday season. No one can hit those Mariah highs— and lord knows I’ve seen people try at Christmas time Karaoke. It ain’t good. You’ve gracefully given us a version we can all enjoy even when our tone deaf family is singing along to it. Now you won’t have to plug your ears the next time your Aunt steps up to the microphone!.

Most notable, perhaps, is the remake of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” by celebrated British soul singer, Jamie Lidell, best known for his hits “Little Bit of Feel Good,” “Another Day,” and “Multiply.” “This is a great song to steer you to the dancefloor,” says Lidell. “I gravitated to this old fave in my mind. Then my ass guided me to the present. Check it out!” CHECKED. WRAPPED. SHIPPED TO EVERYONE ON MY CHRISTMAS LIST. When they open this track on Christmas morning they’ll be booty shaking all the way to New Years.

Indie Christmas also features the likes of Brandyn Burnette, Janelle Kroll, JMR, Alxxa, MXMS, Kyan Palmer, Micky Blue and Dog Orchestra. Listen to the preview! Get on board! Play these songs this year instead of the same songs you’ve been playing for thirty years Jesus Christ.

And just in case you had too much eggnog and missed it, you can get our Indie Christmas by going to your favorite streaming or download store here: https://WeAreTheGuard.lnk.to/indiechristmas.

See you under the Christmas Tree!

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