Ouch. I didn’t know music was supposed to cut this deep. The rolling bass on Holy Fuck’s remix of “Go Somwhere” is so full and hypnotic that I’m left physically uncomfortable without it playing in my headphones. This track is like a binaural beat (specifically designed to make one feel warm and full and deeply loved) that massages the brain into a relaxed sense of contentment. It feels so good that why would any of us ever stop listening to it? This is a recipe for trouble.

The main problem is that after three and a half minutes the song stops and my brain hurts, like caffeine withdrawal headaches. A searing pain from a kick in the brain and I need it to stop at any cost. The bass massage pausing for a brief moment between the song stopping and it restarting again makes me need that kick, so I run it back again and again (and again) for the rest of eternity. I’m officially addicted to this tune. Like it’s the only thing that makes me feel anything at all, and I need it on a constant IV drip in order to make it through the day. Woah.



Music was never meant to be so addicting that it fundamentally hurts to not listen to. Holy Fuck are mystical wizards of the production studio, turning a catchy synthwave indie dance tune into a dark dance tune that could be weaponized with it’s extreme suggestion of power. Is this mind control? I don’t know… but I do know that I’ve followed Holy Fuck on every social media account and changed all my internet handles to HolyFuckStan100. My brain thanks me.

This is what a remix is meant to do. Turn the track into something that the original act could never have imagined in the first place. While Apre’s original is certainly groovy and memorable in it’s own right, this remix is so good it hurts. Ouch. 

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