New Icona Pop - We Got The World


Those sweet Swede girls, Icona Pop are back with "We Got The World."  Yes, ttheir latest creddy pop knock you over the head confection has a strong dash of EDM and it's one of our favorite new tracks. And by the way, don't you just lurv how the 2 girls start most of their videos with a little Swedish skit...we don't know really what they're saying...but stil makes me want to learn Swedish (naked).  Here's the new video! 

Watch til the end to see some WTF B Roll.  

And yes Aino Jawa and Caroline Hjelt are kinda like the new t.a.T.u. (remember them?) but much better and from a more hipper country.  

As a side note the track is cowritten by Nicole Morier who's also known via her Ingrid (Miike Snow) releationship via Coco Morier.

Hope you enjoy this sugary treat.