We are days away from Christmas so it's appropriate that we start inundating you with Christmas music! TIS THE SEASON, BUCKO.

That being said, I can straight up guarantee you’re not hearing Christmas music this sick in your neighborhood Walgreens or Duane Reade or Target or Year Round Christmas Store. No way.

This is waking up with a 104 degree temperature on Christmas morning and unwrapping presents with cold death shivering underneath your skin sick. This is puking eggnog on your brother-in-law's shoes and throwing them out in the snow sick. Time to get your bells on and your trimmings up, 'cause we’re bringing you the twelve days of Christmas like you’ve never heard them before. This is We Are: The Guard Indie Christmas, with this single from none other than DENM. Get it here!



All I want for Christmas is a Garage-Dance alt-pop cover of Nat King Cole’s veritable Christmas classic. Well go ahead and check under the tree because DENM delivers this one wrapped up with a bow made of pan-flutes and vocal samples like that nice new pair of $300 luxury denim jeans that you asked for and you can’t believe you really got. Who’d spend that much on jeans? Santa Claus, that’s who!

DENM wows with a modern reinvention of a song that I thought I’d never be able to hear again without stapling my ears closed to the side of my head.

Happy Holidays From All of Us at We Are: The Guard. May your Christmas be filled with music so tolerable you can actually stomach the schmaltz for another year and may just make it till 2019 after all.

We’ll be rolling out more indie Christmas carols over the next couple of days. Be sure to keep your ears open for our holiday compilation: INDIE CHRISTMAS.

To download or stream "The Christmas Song" by DENM and We Are: The Guard Indie Christmas click this link.


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