Synesthesia is a condition where a second sense is triggered in unison with another. The most common example is seeing colors upon listening to music. Sure, smells have a taste and tastes have a smell, but I don’t think those linked senses specifically relate to this topic because we all have that as opposed to the 2 to 4% of the general population that experiences Synesthesia.

Put this song on in your headphones and close your eyes. What do you see? Nothing? Pinks and reds and greens (and a hint of orange) swirling together like a Nerds Rope of musical colors? Hmmm...

See, when I listen to Jack Larsen’s “Dog Eat,” I seem to be experiencing the synesthesia of a perfectly realized Netflix companion show for the song. I don’t think this has ever happened to anyone before in the history of time (or music) so I figure capturing this chill indie tune and its associated television program of the mind is essential for further scientific study.



It’s got a cast of unknowns. The characters are college age in a major city, but not in college.  There is an energy of having to make it on your own without a safety net but the friends you’ve made along the way. It feels victorious at times and suffocating at others, really depending on the mood of the episode. Everyone is super keyed into their screens and active on social media. They’re all having all of the sex with each other. It’s simultaneously hot and implausible.

There are LOTS of plot spoilers. A shit-ton of drama. Plenty of laughs for good measure, too. I can’t really go into the details of what happens on the show because every episode has a twist (or two) that’ll shock you right off your own cell phone and tuned into the next episode.

It’s the kind of show that has everybody watching and talking about it in their group chat, even those who “normally don’t like that kind of show.” Of course, “Dog Eat,” is the theme song and Jack Larsen either IS the main character, or somebody that looks a lot like him (even though it’s really more of an ensemble than just having ONE main character).  It’s a lot like your friend group.

Dog Eat, coming to Netflix in 2022, will run three seasons and end in a truly traumatic (but also touching) way. One of those series finales that will have people talking ‘best of the decade” far into the 2030s. Who said that music can’t be TV? Jack Larsen just went and proved otherwise.

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