The long wait is finally over. Your search for the perfect summer nights song has ended with the arrival of “Do You Love Her Now”, Jai Paul’s first new song since 2012. Released in conjunction with his brand-new website, “Do You Love Her Now” is a sort of rebirth for Paul. 

Best known for “BTSTU”, a song both Beyonce and Drake have sampled, the enigmatic Paul has been on the shelf for the better part of the last six years. His hiatus/disappearance from public life coincided with the strange tale of an album released on Bandcamp under his name. His side of the story behind the LP known as Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) is now officially available, more on that later.

Back to “Do You Love Her Now”. If you ignore all the noise and mystery surrounding it, what your left with is a phenomenal track that only Paul could have created. It’s part timeless pop song, part disorienting horror film soundtrack. Jai still has that unparalleled ability to blend distinct sounds that seemingly have no business being together. His songs sound vaguely like Kavinsky producing Genesis, yet even that doesn’t fully capture their uniqueness.

Any description of this song of this song is sure to fall short of actually hearing it. It’s one thing to say that a wobbly, distorted bass propels the track forward. It’s another entirely to feel how the bass-line hit in the pit of your stomach. Words couldn’t do justice to Paul’s impeccable falsetto or the brilliant guitar lick he chose to accompany it.

So stop reading and start listening.



“Do You Love Her Now” and Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) are available now on any and all streaming services. They’re well worth your time, even if you’re just revisiting Bait Ones.

You can download the album for the price of your choosing. It comes complete with an explanation of Paul’s side of the story in regards to that infamous leak.

Here’s to hoping we get to hear even more new music from Jai without another 6+ years going by.


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