Jennifer Catron & Paul Outlaw: Hetay Erchantmay Eorggay Iszegay

Jennifer Catron and  Paul Outlaw may not have heard of Liu Boli, the invisible man from China who loves blending himself into his artwork' but this contemporary photography (archival inkjet print) is a close semblance to that idea.  If not for the model's open eyes and his shadow' you wouldn't really noticed a half-naked man standing there.  Though the work may look much simpler than the rest of the artists' obra' you can still sense that feeling of decadence in their choice of Victorian color palette – of olive green and blood red.

What's fascinating about Jennifer and Paul's works is that they give us all a wonderful surprise with their Tableau vivant of the Expulsion from the Garden' where the duo played Adam and Eve in a modern satire of the famous biblical story.  This' among many of their artworks' have charmed visitors in the recent Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair' where the only limit is your imagination.  These performing artists have once again transformed something lifeless into – fun.

The only question I have in mind for this contemporary photograph is what the title meant' together with the rest.  I guess' it's some kind of twist of old dynasty language' from Aramaic to Latin words.

The Genius Behind the Obra:

Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw both took their Masters in Fine Arts from Cranbook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills' MI.  Jennifer Catron earned her Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the Southeast Missouri State University and Paul Outlaw earned his Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the University of Alabama.  The duo has been working for two years' combining art with food and live performances.  Their recent "Jen n Outlaw’s Fish Fry Truck and Crawfish Boil" has been featured by Art Fag City' The New York Times' Time Out New York and Grub Street.  They are currently represented by Allegra LaViola Gallery