Jennifer Catron & Paul Outlaw: Tillsay Ifelay Ithway Eadday Amegay, Ruitsfay, and Egetablesvay in a Arketmay (2010)

Renowned for their outlandish performances in their art exhibits, Allegra LaViola Gallery's very own Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw have wowed the crowd once more with their larger than life rendition of Expulsion from the Garden in the recent Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair.  To give flavor to their contemporary art, they have added a Tableau vivant to step away from the 2D world of their photographic masterpieces and into how these images are created. 

A mad hatter gone madder – is only one thing I can say about this contemporary digital print.  It just gives you that feeling of stepping into a much sinister Alice in Wonderland world.  Perhaps, this photo is inspired by the recent Imeday Imeday Ollarday Icklenay exhibit that took guests into an extraordinary feast where sumptuous cuisine met performing arts.  Grotesquely beautiful, this digital photo is a metaphor for gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins, as the artist, Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw love taking subjects from biblical and historical pieces.

Satire gone digital?  If you look closely, you'll see that these fowls and games butchered and ready to be served are fit for a king's banquet centuries ago.  You would have thought you've been suddenly  transported back in the 14th century, except for that butcher with tattoo and denim.  The photograph is taken with a theatrical perspective, as if we're watching a living picture in some modern Victorian era's magic lantern show. 

The Genius Behind the Obra:

Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw both took their Masters in Fine Arts from Cranbook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  Jennifer Catron earned her Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the Southeast Missouri State University and Paul Outlaw earned his Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the University of Alabama.  This duo have been working for two years, combining art with food and live performances.  Their recent "Jen n Outlaw’s Fish Fry Truck and Crawfish Boil" has been featured by Art Fag City, The New York Times, Time Out New York and Grub Street.  They are currently represented by Allegra LaViola Gallery.