New York rapper/producer Joey LaBeija gets honest about his terrible taste in men on "Unavailable!"

Why do we so often want things that are bad for us? Is it all some neurochemical rush, an addiction to the dizzying ascents and rollercoaster freefall of inconsistent emotions? Is it the emotional equivalent of fast food, where the deep fried fat and hydrogenated corn fed sweetening replace our taste for real nutrition? Are we all secretly masochists and love addicts?

Well, the first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem.

New York rapper/producer opens up about his tastes on "Unavailable," a low-down grimey hip-hop infused electro. Over a vaguely Middle Eastern-sounding melody and low, slow, ominous beat, Joey LaBeija opens up about the allure of wanting what you can't have with a slowed-down, chopped-and-screwed vocal.



I'm just so predictable
This is always how the story go
Why am I such a fuckin silly hoe
I love men that are unavailable."

"Unavailable" avoids easy answers or moralizing, which is part of what makes it so essential. Instead, he looks at the whole, complicated mess, acknowledging we can't always help what we're attracted to but it's not exactly healthy or good. In his bio, LaBeija describes himself as "a real New Yorker -  tough, rebellious, and a sweetheart." As such, nearly anybody can relate to something in "Unavailable." The beat and slurred vocals sound tough as nails, while the lyrics express an emotional vulnerability and awareness that's refreshing to see from a guy.

"Unavailable" is the newest single from LaBeija's new EP, enemies of progress, which dropped recently on Diplo's Mad Decent label. His star rises a little higher with each new release, showing a prolific, prodigious interdisciplinary artist who's good at everything he touches.

Joey LaBeija is a primetime mover and shaker in New York's ballroom scene, the source for all things queer and fabulous. Interview Magazine call him "the Pied Piper of New Year's queer nightlife scene." Here's to hoping he lures some fresh faces into the fold. Great things can happen when we all get together. We Are: The Guard are looking forward to the party!

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