Best New Tracks: Josh Record - Summertime Sadness


I have the most perfect love/hate relationship with Lana Del Ray. Sometimes she just gets me. Other times I have no idea what she’s going on about and I just want her to shut up. But there’s definitely something about her songs that just sort of touches people. No, not in a pervy way! In a “Wow, she really knows about emotions and feeling and stuff” way. And after listening to her songs a million times on repeat (oh, come on! Just admit it), you need a fresh, slap-in-the-face way to relate to them. Today’s Best New Track does just that and gives us a soundtrack to cry about our midweek blues to.

Now, I don’t remember the last time I heard an artist introduce himself in the intro of his song, but gosh darn it, Josh Record is cute. And bonus points for having a cool name too. We all had our "Summertime Sadness" day/week/month/year, so here’s a chance to relive it with soft male vocals that just seem to fit like cream and pie. This song is peaceful. It’s delicate. It’s sad and it’s delightful.

If you know absolutely nothing about Josh Record, here’s the skinny: he’s a London boy with a great face and a soft, yet masculine voice that will have most of you “classy” ladies wet in the undercarriage. He’s got a new EP out too, so if you like this, download that shit on iTunes like right now!