TIL that Joyner Lucas was not the overweight white dude rapping racist vitriol in his “I’m Not Racist” music video. I don’t know if this says more about me (that I didn’t feel the need to follow up), or the world (that I didn’t think it was impossible for a song that hateful to be released in earnest). This all was the point, a challenge, which makes this artist’s entrance into public awareness all the more powerful. I feel like I’m having my whole world rocked by the honest revelation of the real man behind these tracks. 

Joyner Lucas-- after a bit of legitimate research-- is consciousness (or woke) hip-hop’s current leading man, who has a thing or 600 really important things to say. 



“Revenge” shows Joyner going big on a track, building to a frenzy where the simple beat almost needs to catch up.  He starts calm and collected enough, but by the end we’ve gone on a full ride of the emotional rollercoaster. Each and every single rollercoaster at Six Flags contained in a single track.  This dude’s got some real power to preach and he’s not afraid about who he pisses off with it. 

The beat is simple, with some light piano and strings, but the flow and rhymes are wild and complex. The differentiation between rap and hip-hop can be demonstrated by playing someone this track, no question-- where the words and the way they fall out of the mouth are eons more significant than the beat, production or hook.

Sure, those are there too, but I’m feeling pretty confident that we could all hear Lucas drop these bars acapella and we’d still feel every single thing he’s putting out there.

“Revenge” is the seventh single off of Joyner Lucas’ forthcoming debut studio album, ADHD

BRB, gonna listen to the other six. 


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