Kanye Interrupts Will.i.am's Mars Broadcast


Yo Curiosity rover, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish playing Will.iam... but Jethro Tull had the best space oddysey performance of ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!

Get a load of this big ass flute solo direct from space (but gurl, you need to get ur hurr did, that shit cray)!

Okay, truth is, I'mma just jel I didn't think of debuting my single on Mars first.

Still, “Reach for the Stars” (inventive title, Willie) playing on Mars is just like it playing on Earth... no one's gonna hear it! HA!

But I'mma on your back, Will. Cause once I'mma done designing this shitty shoe line, and presuming aliens don't blow us up as your song sucked so much, I'mma launch my next single... into the EIGHTH DIMENSION!

Maybe I'mma send my perfect bitch, Kim K, too. I'mma sure I'mma not the only one who'd appreciate her off the planet.

Yeezy out. 


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